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Kogan Page is the leading independent global publisher of risk management books. Founded in 1967, our award-winning work offers solutions for professional practice and academic development in print and digital form. Our risk management authors are experts from the most prestigious academic institutions, international commercial organisations and professional associations. They deliver high-level, accessible, professional content to our readers in key subject areas including: operational risk, financial risk and reputational risk.

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Risk Management and Supply Chain Security introduces various tools and concepts that can be utilised by logistics professionals to secure their supply chains. It looks at traditional elements of physical security associated with assets such as transportation nodes, warehousing and inventory. It addresses upcoming threats to the industry such as cyber crime, corporate espionage, kidnapping, insider threat of fraud/crime and modern slavery gangs.

Giving a holistic view of supply chain security covering the operational, tactical and strategic risk management that companies can deploy to make their organizations more resilient, Risk Management and Supply Chain Security includes global case studies, across varying sectors, which supplement and add value to each chapter.

Risk Management and Supply Chain Security also includes extensive supplementa ...

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